August 16, 2018

The Hollywood Reporter: Jim Carrey opens up for the first time about long break from Hollywood

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The 56-year-old actor and screenwriter, Jim Carrey, explained in a recent interview why he left Hollywood and discussed what the future holds. 

The acclaimed actor who could, at the height of his career demand $20 million per film, sat down with The Hollywood Reporter in his Brentwood home.

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Carrey propelled to fame in the early eighties and soon became a household name with films like "The Mask," "Liar Liar," "Ace Ventura," and "The Truman Show." 



Even though he still appeared in small roles over the years, Hollywood began to lose its luster and Carrey expressed himself creatively in other ways. 

"I didn't like what was happening, the corporations taking over and all that. And maybe it's because I felt pulled toward a different type of creative outlet."

Fans who follow his career noticed that Carrey is also a rising political cartoonist, and his sketches are regularly shared to Twitter. 

He has more than 17 million followers on the social media platform, and some of his latest tweets have garnered thousands of comments and favorites.



The sketches, along with his painting and sculpting, have inspired him for his upcoming film roles as well. But even though he returned to the public eye, it's still not the same. 

He has grown as a person during his sort-of sabbatical from the industry, and explains

 "I don't feel I'm little Jim trying to hang on to a place in the stratosphere anymore — I don't feel like I'm trying to hold on to anything."

Fans can look forward to his upcoming appearance in "Kidding." The series will be released towards the end of August and Carrey portrays the role of Mr. Pickles. 

He is also filming "Sonic the Hedgehog," as Dr. Ivo Robotnik, which will be released in 2019.