12-year-old boy shamed by his mother after bullying girl at school

A mother's powerful anti-bullying message went viral, but not everyone on the Internet agrees with her hard-hitting post. 

Terri Day Evans explained in a lengthy Facebook post back in 2016 that her then 12-year-old son had bullied a new girl at his school. 

She has since taken the post down to protect her son's safety, as he was tagged in the photo. Nevertheless, her message remains powerful. 

As reported by the Telegraph, she was "absolutely disgusted" by his actions, and explained that he purposefully stepped on a new student's foot.

Source: FreePik

Source: FreePik

He exerted so much force that the heel of her shoe broke, and the little girl was left embarrassed and tearful on her first day at a strange school. 

She warned her son, publicly, that if he "so much as breathe in [the new student's] or anyone's direction in a bullying manner," she would "personally hand him over" to the victim's parents for every demeaning chore they could think of. 

She also informed him that his birthday savings fund would be used to replace the girl's shoes and a "bunch of flowers" too. 

Source: FreePik

Source: FreePik

Her status was quickly shared on social media, and while many netizens supported her message, others said her act of embarrassing her son was also bullying. 

Evans clarified that her parenting skills extend so much further than just writing a Facebook post. She had also sat him down to discuss the implications of bullying. 

She explained to her son that bullying another person doesn't make him look strong or funny, and showed him how his actions could hurt the victim. 

Evans said the humiliation her son experiences online was nothing compared to what the little girl to experience on her first day in a strange environment. 

If she already had a history of being a victim of bullying, her son's senseless act could have just escalated the matter. She added: 

"Maybe if other parents nipped it in the bud and stopped passing it off as kids will be kids then maybe our next generation of adults will suffer from fewer depressive and anxiety disorders." 

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