August 18, 2018

Store customer blissfully unaware that he's standing right next to an intruding bear

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A mid-sized bear strolled towards the entrance of a liquor store from the parking lot, getting so close that it set off a sensor to automatically open the outer door of the store. 

According to NBC Connecticut's report on August 13, 2018, the entire incident was caught on the surveillance cameras installed in and around Crazy Bruce's Discount Liquor, on Farmington Avenue, Bristol, Connecticut.

The bear can be seen walking through the parking lot before making its way to the automatic door at the front of the store.

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The bear wandered into the entry after the automatic door that is operated by motion sensors, opened for it. 

A video captured from the inside of Crazy Bruce's Discount Liquor shows the bear wandering around in the entrance of the store while two employees notice the bear and immediately lock the inner doors, to stop the bear from getting all the way into the shop, according to NBC Connecticut.


Assistant store manager, Dan Niedzwiecki, said one of his team members saw the animal and alerted the others.

“We knew right away. One of the guys saw him outside, and at first thought, it was a big dog, but when he came into the foyer, you could see."

Dan Niedzwiecki, Hartford Courant, August 13, 2018. 

An oblivious customer strode right through the outer door and was stuck in the vestibule with the bear. An employee rushed to let the customer in by opening the inner door.  

Daniel Thibodeau, one of Crazy Bruce's employees, told NBC Connecticut that he reacted immediately in a situation where there is no standard protocol to follow. “Instinct I guess, that's what I'm thinking,” he said. 



The bear finally got out of the door and ran off. Nobody was injured in the incident, and the store notified the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

In a related incident, a surveillance camera caught a bear who had broken into a home and was touring around in the living room of the house, taking in the views.


In a video shared on YouTube on June 5, 2018, the security camera footage of the living room showed the bear moving around in the living room and it also briefly stood on its hind legs to play the piano.

Katie Hawley, from Vail, Colorado, arrived home after a night away in the morning on May 31, 2017, and found some minor damage in the kitchen. 


After notifying the authorities and going through the security footage, it later became clear as to who the intruder was. Police then found that the bear had broken into the house through a window that was left open.

A Placer County Sheriff shared how an officer rescued a bear trapped inside a vehicle. The department posted the video on Twitter showing Deputy Lade breaking the side window of a private car to help the animal escape.