Mother-of-four died during routine hospital test from fatal medical errors

Ksenia Novikova
Aug 24, 2018
04:57 A.M.

Kate Jones went into the hospital for a routine test expecting to come home in time for tea with her family. Instead, two errors led to a fatal heart attack that devastated husband Stewart and kids.


Stewart Jones, 48, sat in the hospital waiting room while his wife underwent a simple outpatient procedure. Mirror reports that it was not until a nurse rushed out to him asking his children's names that he knew there had been disastrous complications.

He described :

"It was the most horrendous thing. I took my wife to the hospital for this test which we thought was perfectly safe and I went home a widower."

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Kate had inherited high cholesterol levels for which she took statins. Despite all that, the two heart attacks never should have happened. Kate was typically very active and "full of life."

She experienced small heart palpitations that led her to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex for an angiogram. The procedure on October 30 2013 should have taken about two hours.

Steward recalled:

"She went in feeling a bit nervous but safe in the knowledge it was a straightforward day-care procedure."

Source: YouTube

At about one hour into the procedure, Steward saw staff rushing out of the room in panic mode, looking for help. A specialist then went in.

Later, a nurse approached him asking for his children's names.


"They wanted this to keep Kate focused on her children and help her cling to life. I was in total shock."

He later found out that a doctor tore an artery that caused his wife to enter into non-fatal cardiac arrest. This was compounded when a delay of 15 minutes worsened the injury and caused Kate's condition to deteriorate.

There was still a chance if not for the next mishap. The consultant used a guide wire to insert a stent and start blood flow to the heart. But the connector for the guide wire broke and the entire guide wire was removed rather than replaced.

Source: Facebook

Lack of blood flow sent Kate into another cardiac arrest leading to Kate's imminent death at 1:30 pm.


Five years later, Stewart Jones is to receive compensation of £700,000. The distressed widower says, "No amount of compensation can bring her back."

Worse still, Stewart says the hospital refuses to apologize, nor have they "admitted liability," making "everything so much worse."

For now, Stewart just says he wants

"lessons to be learned from Kate's death and [does] not want any other family to go through what [they] have to endure since her untimely death."

In January 2015, another hospital made a critical mistake that led to the untimely death of a new husband and father. Tom Thornton got married a month before he tragically died of cancer.

The Greater Manchester's Pennine Acute Hospital had misdiagnosed him as having appendicitis. He would not live to see his daughter who was born just three weeks before his passing.

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