People heard cries coming from a box and found two-week-old infant inside

In a shocking new case of child abandoned, a two-week-old infant was found next to a dirt road in China over the weekend. 

A video clip of the harrowing incident was shared to the Daily Mail's YouTube account. Motorists passing by saw the box and stopped to investigate. 

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Upon closer inspection, they heard cries coming from the box, only to find the crying baby inside, wearing a onesie. 

Source: YouTube/Daily Mail

Source: YouTube/Daily Mail

The video shows two men, one wearing an overall and hardhat, inspecting the box. They found blankets and a milk bottle, as well as a handwritten note. 

According to the note, the baby girl was born on August 4 but no other information was provided about her parents or the reason for abandonment. 

The incident has since been reported, and investigation officers in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region are on the search for the baby's parents. 

Source: YouTube/Daily Mail

Source: YouTube/Daily Mail

The baby was taken to the Huanjiang People's Hospital for a checkup and medical personnel confirmed that she had no congenital disabilities and was in good health. 

She has since been placed in the care of the local civil affairs office, and residents eager to adopt have contacted the department. 

For now, she will remain in the care of the state while the hunt for her biological parents continues. Child abandonment carries a three-year prison sentence. 

In other news, a father abandoned his baby earlier this month, claiming the infant was "too heavy to carry." He left his five-month-old child at the scene of car crash nearby. 

When authorities questioned him, he could not remember where the crash site was, or exactly when it took place. 

Read more about the shocking incident in "Abandoned baby was too 'heavy' to carry, father says."

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