Wife floored at what she caught child welfare social worker husband doing in his office

When Chellie Heckman paid her husband a visit at his workplace, she definitely was surprised.

Her husband, exhausted, was taking a nap with a child resting on his chest. He stayed after hours to make sure the little boy was looked after and also went back in early again the next day.

His wife, moved by the scene, took a photo of the touching moment and shared it on Facebook with WTOC anchor news' Don Logana, who shared the post making it go viral. Heckman wrote moving words about her husband and complimented his good-willed heart in his line of work.

“You never hear anyone say, ‘Oh yay, here comes DFACS.’ They run and avoid, lie and don't cooperate when the job they are doing is trying to help the children" she wrote.

She explained that her husband, among many others, does a very thankless job, claiming that although it takes a very special person to handle it, they are hardly recognized when something positive is achieved.

“His focus was to make sure this baby was cared for and felt safe. After taking this baby into the care of the state, in the process of placing him into foster care, he had to stay after hours and return to pick him back up before hours."

She also claimed that the baby was a little uneasy because he was away from family and familiar faces. But her husband made sure the child felt comfortable. She wrote:

"Being away from family and familiar faces, the baby was kinda fussy and so he was soothing him and well needless to say they had a special moment."

Many people took over the comment section to share their thoughts on the heart-melting picture. Many former social workers agreed with Heckman's words about the job being underappreciated, and others praised her husband for having such a big heart.

Read some of the comments below:

"This happens more than not. No one who is not in foster care will ever understand how hard case workers work and how much LOVE they offe children e ion seeing their face!!!! Everyday I walk through the office and see case workers trying to assist a little kid who was recently removed or just don't understand why they can't go home. LOVE A FOSTER CARE WORKER TODAY."

-Anne Simmons

"Thanks for this post. I worked at DFCS for 17 years and had many such experiences. They live in my memory. A few times, people have contacted me to let me know how our work impacted their lives so grateful for that feedback and for your precious husband's dedication and extraordinary love. Thank him from a fellow sojourner."

-Jennie Miller 

"Thank your husband for the work he does. You are so right that he is in a thankless job as far as the public is concerned. I retired with 34 years service and I always said we could not please anyone, most of the families we served and certainly not the public. There are those of us who do understand and I say a heartfelt thank you."

-Karen H. Mercer

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