Photographer shares cute pic of two sets of twins with a hysterical backstory

Juliet Cannici, a photographer, and her wife, Nikki, planned a photo shoot after welcoming their second set of twins. They also shared the hilarious backstory of the photo shoot.

The photograph showed the elder twins, Nico and Siena, lying on the bed with them both cutely cuddling each one of their younger twin siblings, Gemma and Gia.

Juliet told PopSugar that he had initially planned and dressed his elder twins in adorable rented outfits before the photo shoot. So, at the time, he had never planned that the magical snapshot in its current state.

He further explained, “I was so set on capturing Nico and Siena holding the babies in the outfits I had rented. Nico and Siena were SO bored with me, the photos looked terrible. The babies just sagged lower and lower until they were practically on the ground instead of in their arms.”

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As a result, he allowed the kids to take off their rental clothes so that they could take a break and play around for a bit.

Before bringing them back, Juliet decided to get one good shot of all her children laying down. Surprisingly, this was when she got her magical moment.

The eldest twins almost automatically held hands and wrapped their other arms around their baby sisters. It was completely unplanned, but the children managed to pull off a great pose for the camera.

Juliet further explained that the big smiles that they are portraying in the photograph were a result of him telling the children to “act goofy,” explained PopSugar.

The photograph was taken when the younger twins were only 11 days old. Nico and Siena’s cute smile in the picture is not made up but they are genuine because they are “in love with their baby sisters.”

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