Kim Fields melts hearts with video of 4-year-old son promoting 'Living Single's 25th anniversary

In time for “Living Single”’s 25th anniversary, Kim Fields shares a video where she opens up about being part of the original “squad” on the show. Her 4-year-old son’s special participation in the clip is adorable.  

A video of Kim Fields’ son helping her promote “Living Single”’s re-run on Hulu is a joy to watch. The little boy acts as host as he asks his mother a question which she gamely answers. 

It’s been 25 years since the 90’s hit sitcom ‘Living Single’ premiered and the lives of six black characters in Brooklyn became a source of love, laughter, and inspiration for many. Kim was one of the characters of the phenomenal show which thrived in a landscape often centered on white people. Kim and the rest of the cast including Queen Latifah, Kim Coles, Arika Alexander, Terrence “T.C.” Carson, and John Henton, developed such great chemistry that it opened the doors for more opportunities for African-American actors to shine. The show’s city-living ensemble formula also became the foundation for other shows that followed including the popular series “Friends.”

In January, coinciding with talks of a reboot of “Living Single,” the streaming site Hulu re-introduced it to the new generation by airing all five seasons of the show. This week, Kim Fields had the pleasure of promoting its re-runs on her Instagram with the help of her son Quincy. 

In a video she shared, Kim’s 4-year-old asked her a “Hulu Wants To Know” question. The little boy was sitting on the back seat of a car and in his adorable twang, asked,

“Mommy, Hulu wants to know what’s it like to be an original #squadgoals?"

The video then cuts to an amused Kim who responds with,

“I love that people call us the original squad goals. I think that’s fantastic. Um, the six of us were and still are so close. When we were filming, that chemistry that was captured was very very real and we hung out all the time, all the time off camera. So I love that people see that and what to you know, be that, those questionnaires, ‘Which “Living Single” character are you most like?’ and things like that, I really love that on top of everything else that that chemistry is so much of what the show means to many – a squad.”

Quincy is Kim’s second child with her husband Christopher Morgan and she considers him to be her "miracle baby."  He arrived at a time when she thought it was no longer possible for her to get pregnant. In fact, it came as a surprise to Kim when she found out she was expecting after having suffered two miscarriages in the past. One day, she was feeling unwell. What she thought was dehydration turned out to be her pregnancy. 

Quincy, named after the famous musician, Quincy Jones, was born in December 2013. Kim was 44 at the time. He joins his older brother, Sebastian, now 11. Despite their age gap, the brothers have a special bond, one Kim recently shed light on. She shared photos of a nervous Quincy getting comfort and assurance from his big brother at the dental office. The cute snaps were proof of the kind of brotherly love her children have, a source of comfort and joy for a mother like Kim who describes being a mom as "the greatest role in my life." 

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