Al B. Sure shares pic of his slimmer body after drastic 70-pound weight loss

New photos of Al B. Sure reveal the amazing results of his drastic weight loss that shed 70 pounds off him. Fans agree he looks great with some even mistaking him for his son. 

Turning 50 has been a turning point for Al B. Sure whose commitment to losing weight and staying healthy has earned him a slimmer figure today.  In recent photos, fans had to do a double take seeing that the singer has drastically lost weight.  

Many who’ve been following the singer through the years have been accustomed to his bigger frame. However, a brand new Al B! now stares back at them and appears to be bringing back memories of his old self circa 1989. 

Proud of his accomplishment, Al B! revealed he was “officially down 70 pounds in one of his posts and resolved to lose ten more pounds.

Just take a look at these photos and see why he’s worthy of praise for his latest transformation. 

Meanwhile, it’s not only Al B.’s body that’s changed. Months leading to his 50th birthday, the singer decided to get rid of his long curly hair. Back in November, he received a lot of criticism for growing his hair past his shoulders and looking like a gigolo.

Al B. apparently heeded the negative comments and decided to chop off his hair soon after.  He shared a photo getting a fresh cut from the barber and immediately earned praises from fans. 

Now that Al B! is sporting short hair and a slimmer physique, fans have been sending him good vibes on his comments section.

“Looking gud bro keep up the good work”

“you look amazing...”

“You slimming down... Looking good hun.”

Perhaps the best compliment of all came from fans who thought Al B! was his son Quincy.

“Wow this is surely Quincy.”

“Looking like Quincy!! I [eyes emoji] u!”

Quincy is one of the singer’s three sons who, like their father also work in the music industry. Among the three, Quincy is the prominent one because he’s not only a singer but an actor too.  In April, Al B. helped promote Quincy’s YouTube channel by sharing a photo of the two of them and encouraging fans to visit his son’s channel. The photo revealed their uncanny resemblance that fans were quick to notice. There was a time when Quincy looked up to Puff Daddy as his father figure with Al B. missing out on his younger years. But that has changed when the father and son reconnected and established a close relationship throughout the years.   

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