August 28, 2018

Remember Peter Thomas from 'RHOA'? He is a grandfather of twin boys who star in hit black sitcom

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Peter Thomas is, perhaps, most popular for his main cast role on the reality show "Real Housewives of Atlanta" as Cynthia Bailey's husband, but the couple had a messy split. He recently showed off his two beautiful grandsons, who are already part of the entertainment industry.


Peter is the proud grandfather of twin boys Berling and August, and they couldn't be more adorable. Just like their granddaddy, the twins already made their debut on the TV screen, as the starred in the successful series "Black-ish," sharing credits with Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson.

In 2016, Peter Thomas went public to excitedly announce that he was a "happy [expletive]" because his oldest daughter, Porsche, was pregnant with twin boys. Earlier that March 2016, Porsche got married to Till H. Groß, a motivational speaker, in a Beverly Hills ceremony.


This happened during Thomas’ very public divorce with Cynthia Bailey.

Five months before the divorce announcement, he gave his model daughter to her dream man. His joy knew no bounds when, shortly after, Porsche revealed she was expectant. The twin boys are Peter's first grandchildren.

Unlike what most people would think, Thomas is a sweet family man and has often revealed that he is most happy when he is with his children.


Porsche welcomed her sons August and Berlin on January 7, 2017, and the boys are just so adorable.

The twins seem to have inherited entertainment genes from Thomas as they now star in a hit show. Thomas couldn’t hide his excitement after revealing on Instagram that the twins are the newest stars of "Black-ish," making their first television debut within the first 12 months of their lives.

The boys play Devante Johnson, who is the newest addition to the Johnson family on the show.


Thomas is rumored to be a part of a  new reality show which is going to be a lot like "Vanderpump Rules."

It's going to be based on managing his North Carolina hot spot, Club One.