93-year-old man does the Kiki-challenge in viral video

Pretty much everybody knows what the Kiki Challenge is about. However, no one expected to see a 93-year-old man showing off his dance skills on the street.

That’s exactly what the video uploaded to the ViralHog Facebook page showed: a 93-year-old grandfather wearing black shoes, pants, and cap, and a blue plaid shirt walking and dancing next to a moving vehicle.

The clip started with Drake’s “In My Feelings” song while the truck was slowly moving. The man started swinging his arms up and down while following the rhythm of the song and the vehicle.

When the music stopped, the nonagenarian kept showing off his dance skills and even smiled at the camera proving that he was having a great time and that everybody could do the challenge.

By the time the 40-second-long video finished, the man seemed a bit tired. Even though watching him dancing was great, not so many people know what made him do the Kiki Challenge.


While dancing on the street might be considered something easy to do that won’t harm anybody, several people, including police stations, have been trying to make people realize how dangerous it could be.


However, it was revealed that the grandson of the dancing man recorded his nine-year-old son doing the challenge and showed the video to his grandfather. He immediately thought it was hilarious and suggested that he could do it. The rest is history.

As soon as the video was posted, it became viral. Not only because it showed a 93-year-old man dancing, but also because he was doing one of the most popular challenges in 2018.

Many celebrities have taken their time to share their own Kiki Challenge in different places, including singer Ciara and her NFL star husband, Russell Wilson, who danced in Cape Town.

It seems that not only humans felt attracted to the challenge as a video showing a dog hopping next to a vehicle while "In My Feelings" was being played was also uploaded and became viral in no time.


While several police departments across the US have been taking part in the lip-sync challenge, a group of officers from the Nixa Police Department in Missouri took the contest to a whole new level.

The clip uploaded to Facebook by the official page of Nixa Police Department showed the spirited police officers dancing and grooving to the energetic beats of the iconic song “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins.

They danced in several places including restaurants, donut shops, streets, their police department, and in front of parked cars. The filming quality was so high because one of the officers had studied film production, so they made sure everything was as good as possible, reported Celebritist.

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