August 28, 2018

Man gets pranked with dissolving swim trunks

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A man finds himself exposed while taking a dip on his holiday

Who has never had a nightmare about finding him or herself naked in public?

Fortunately for most of us, this remains in the sleeping world of dreams, but for one man it became the stuff of real-life nightmares.

Lee Kenny found himself naked in a hotel pool in Ibiza, a victim of a mischievous prank on the part of his friends.

To make Kenny's humiliation complete, they posted his wardrobe malfunction on Youtube


When trunks fall apart...

In the video, Kenny is in the pool with his wife and can be seen to be trying to cover his crotch with his hands as his swimming trunks slowly dissolve in the water.

To add insult to injury, Kenny's friends all point and laugh, calling the attention of onlookers to his predicament.

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He bares it all and has to run off!

The bewildered Kenny is then informed by one of his friends that he is wearing "dissolvable shorts."

As his trunks vanish, Kenny takes his courage in both hands and runs, and a member of the hotel staff helped him to cover up.


Why did he wear those shorts?

Kenny and his wife were scheduled to go on a group holiday to Ibiza with some friends, and that is when his wicked pals decided to play a practical joke on him.

They purchase a pair of the novelty "dissolvable" trunks and had them personalized with Kenny's initials.

Sadly for Kenny, the video has gone viral since it was posted on the 22nd of August 2018, and in under, a week he has been seen minus his trunks by more than 400.000 people.