Florida mass shooter shown in 2017 interview boasting about his gaming skills

Cheryl Kahla
Aug 28, 2018
07:05 A.M.
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Video clips from previous interviews with the Jackson Landing shooter have since emerged, with game announcers describing him as emotionless. 

The shooter, David Katz, was also interviewed by Compton 187 and had boasted about his gaming skills and taking advantage of his opponent for "not calling his timeouts."

After losing a recent match, Katz arrived open fired on his fellow gamers. The video clip of the interview can be seen below. Follow our Twitter account @amomama_usa for more. 

"You are not going to see much emotion from our guy, Brett. [...] David Katz keeps to himself; he's a man of business."


The announcer also described him as focused said that Katz is not there for the experiences or to make friends. 

To get him "to open up and talk about anything" was like pulling teeth," the E-Sports announcer said to his colleague, Brett. 

Katz was known in the community as Bread and a fellow gamer said he refused to shake hands when he lost a match. Instead, he just gave a blank stare. 


The competition can be fierce and intense at times, but it is common courtesy to put team differences aside and shake hands after a match. 

Katz would also belittle his opponents when given the opportunity and told reporters that he considers himself to be "one of the better players."


The 24-year-old opened fire on a group of gamers in the Jacksonville Landing complex, injuring eleven people and killing two. 

Katz then turned the gun on himself and took his own life. Nine of his victims required medical assistance. 


He had driven up from Maryland for the Madden gaming tournament and had won $1,000 at a tournament back in 2017. 

Katz was "a well-known competitor" in the Madden gaming community and was at Jackson Landing all weekend. 

The announcer's ominous statement that Katz "was a man of business" who "was not there to make friends" was a dark foreboding of things to come.