Unbelievable story of a dog who was dug out of his own grave

The dog was not breathing, he had no pulse and his heart was not beating.

According to Newsner, the tragedy that occurred had left a family devastated. Who knows what would have happened if the car had arrived a second later, or if that day in October in 1990, the dog had not been there at that precise moment.

But things were not like that. Unfortunately, the family saw when their Jack Russel, Mugsy, was hit by a car that was coming on the road. They could not save the puppy's life, and unfortunately, he died in the arms of his owner, Glenn.

But the next morning something completely surprising and unexpected happened, a miracle that the family never thought could happen. The owner of Mugsy still remembers every detail of those horrible moments.

One day Viola was at work and Glenn had been in the garden playing with the children. Suddenly he noticed that Mugsy was no longer at his side, and then he heard that horrible noise. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

Source: YouTube.com /OWN

Source: YouTube.com /OWN

Glenn said the following in an interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show:

"He was in the driveway. I heard him scream and I ran to the track. There I found him crawling, he was full of blood ".

After the tragic accident, they could not save the little dog's life. He was not breathing, he had no pulse and his heart was not beating. Poor Mugsy had died in the arms of his owner.

Source: YouTube.com /OWN

Source: YouTube.com /OWN

Glenn did not want the children to see his beloved dead dog, so he told them to go into the house. Then he went to the back of the house, made a hole and buried the puppy.

"I was devastated. I buried it fast; I didn’t say anything to the children. I didn’t give my soul to tell them anything until about seven in the evening. Mugsy was dead, "the owner said.

When Viola arrived at the house in the night, and the children found out what had happened, they made a small ceremony to say goodbye to their beloved furry friend.

Source: YouTube.com /OWN

Source: YouTube.com /OWN

The daughter read a verse, then the family said goodbye to Mugsy and they went to sleep. But the next day, at 5:30 in the morning, something amazing happened.

"I woke up because someone was tapping on the door. I got up, opened it and raised the blinds," Glenn told the program.

Then Glenn saw something he could not believe. A miracle had happened. It turns out that Mugsy was sitting in front of the door wagging his tail. Viola was convinced that Glenn had buried another dog that was not theirs.

Then they went to the place where Mugsy had been buried and they took a look, but the earth had been moved and there was no dog in the place.

On the Oprah Winfrey show they revealed what had happened:

"The veterinarian said that probably, after six hours, the puppy had been unearthed. His heart and everything else had worked so slowly before it was not obvious he was alive. There was no sign that he was alive," Viola said. "So he probably only slept until 5:30 in the morning and then it was unearthed," he added.

It turns out that Mugsy was fine. It was a true miracle and we can’t imagine how happy the whole family was because of the event.

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