'My baby's father has a whole new family now and refuses to see his 'Princess' anymore'

Dear AmoMama,

I was in a long-term relationship with my man before we chose to have a baby together. The pregnancy was difficult but he stood by me through every ache and pain, every worrying scan, and every doctor's visit.

Our daughter arrived on Christmas morning, it was snowing and he battled to get through the streets, driving like a madman to get me to the hospital after my water broke.



Like an angel, she came into this world with a smile on her face and her daddy and I were in absolute Heaven. The doctor said I would not be able to have any more children, but my boyfriend said that one little "Princess" was enough.

She was three when I caught him cheating after seeing a bill for blood tests - specifically pregnancy tests - his other woman was knocked up. He cried and apologized to me but he said he had to be with her or she wouldn't allow him to see his child.

He walked out on us but continued to call and text and made time for his "Princess" – I never restricted him from seeing her as I grew up with a loving dad and wanted the same for her – even though his child support payments stopped within a couple of months.



Fast forward two years and my ex and his side-chick are now husband and wife with two children of their own and the past year he has hardly made time for my daughter at all or paid any child support.

In fact, my baby's father has a whole new family now and refuses to see his 'Princess' anymore. My little girl was devastated when she asked me to call him and I told her I couldn't. 



I was so upset that for the first time ever, I drove over to his house and rang the bell. His wife answered the door. She was dressed in greying pajamas, torn slippers, had curlers in her hair, a cigarette in her mouth, and was half-carrying a child hanging off her boob.

She looked me up and down and then called him to the door - apparently she knew what I looked like even though I had never seen her before. When he saw me, he went pale and had the decency to look embarrassed.

I laughed. I pointed at her and laughed. I took out my phone and grabbed a picture of them for Instagram. I asked him if he honestly left me and his "Princess" for this "Trailer Park Tracey" of a woman standing in front of me.

Then I served him with legal papers for all the missed child support payments and got into my car and drove away. In retrospect, I feel bad for what I did. I'm not the kind of person who goes around fat-shaming someone or judging, but I was so hurt on behalf of my daughter, and myself, that I just couldn't help myself. Was my reaction cruel?

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