Diver encounters playful seal that loves to cuddle and kiss

Aug 29, 2018
07:26 A.M.
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A diver ran into an adorable and playful sea lion in Argentina, and as seen on the video, the seal smothered the diver with kisses and admiration.


The video quickly became viral on social media after online users found the sea mammals charming and adorable.


On the video posted on Facebook by the diver himself, Julián Bala, he showed how close his encounters were with a group of sea lions.

One of them stood out from the rest as it chose to be even closer with the seasoned diver, giving him a peck on the lips.


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The seal seemed to be a little friendlier than the rest as it also chomped on Bala’s goggles.

Bala was diving in Puerto Madryn, Argentina with two of his snorkeling friends when they ran into the sea mammals.


Soon after, the friendly seal seemed to also be interested with the camera as it pushed its nose up against the lens.

It appeared as though it was trying to investigate the unfamiliar contraption.


Once more, the seal leaned against Bala’s body before it plunged back into the water.

The other two divers were astonished by their friend’s close encounter with the sea mammal.

Before the seal swam away, the two divers got its attention, and it observed the, as they snorkeled.

Throughout the clip, the sea lions can frequently be seen resurfacing up from the water to show their adorable faces.


The viral video was initially taken in June 2014, but it resurfaced after it was recently mentioned on Reddit.

As revealed by the Daily Mail, Puerto Madryn has become known by tourists as a hotspot for meeting sea lions. The prime dates for visiting their home habitat are the days between August and April.

In another viral clip from the National Geographic, a cheeky seal can be seen hitching a ride on a kayak.