Dad puts adult toy in son's luggage and films his reaction at the airport

A man was surprised and embarrassed at the airport after security found a big adult toy, planted there by his father, inside his carry-on luggage.

The man's identity is yet to be revealed but the father, Ted Andressen, had a very good time humiliating his son in public right before their departure.  

The clip eventually ended up on Youtube, where it has been seen by thousands and thousands of people who helped spread it even more by sharing it.

In the video, which you can check out below, starts with Andressen's son, who is seen wearing a white cap, watching the security office rifle through his bag as he stands there patiently waiting for her to finish.

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Andressen, from New Orleans, in Louisiana, was recording the moment and waiting for the secret to being revealed. Behind him, the group that they were traveling with was also eagerly expecting the toy to pop up at any moment.

The security officer, who is yet to be named, started by pulling out a neck cushion and regular pieces of clothing. Then, she pulls out a transparent bag for liquids and finally the enourmous adult toy.

Source: Youtube/angela cabrera

Source: Youtube/angela cabrera


Andressen's son immediately turns red as the security officer tries to hide a giggle. Meanwhile, the group starts laughing as the man tries to hide his face. 

Crying and laughing, the son turns to the camera, figuring out the plan. Apparently, the group urged him to go for a smoke earlier, which gave Andressen plenty of time to plant the rubber toy in the bag, along with some lube.


The man apologizes for wasting the security officer's time as she is seen repacking his bag,  So far, it isn't certain where the group was flying to, but they had quite a laugh even before they boarded the plane.

Recently, Jude Sannicandro, a barber from Florida, also became an internet sensation after he pretended to cut one of his customer's, a 10-year-old, ear off during a hair-cutting session.

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