Gorilla stands in the middle of the road so his huge family can safely cross the road

 Wildlife cameraman Gordan Buchanan and his documentary crew were confused when they saw a huge silverback gorilla standing on the side of the road assessing the situation and watching the trucks drive by on the road. 

BBC Earth shared the video on YouTube captured by Buchanan's crew in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The video was uploaded on December 29, 2017, and has garnered more than 2.5 million views on the video-sharing website.

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After the team realized that a whole family of gorillas was waiting behind the leader, they took matters in their own hands and halted the incoming trucks so that the animals could cross the road peacefully. 

Buchanan had no idea that he would be able to record the rare scene unfolding in front of them, but when the documentary crew was setting up their equipment to begin filming, a strange sight in the bushes had caught his eye. 

Source: YouTube / BBC Earth

Source: YouTube / BBC Earth

He immediately realized that something was going on when he saw the tense look on the gorilla's face. It was waiting for a chance for the whole family to cross the road.

The animal just stood there looking. After 20 minutes of waiting, when it seemed like the road would not clear, Buchanan's team stopped the incoming trucks themselves. 

After seeing that traffic come to a standstill, the giant gorilla finally walks to the middle of the road and stands guard. The group of gorillas follow him and slowly make it to the other end of the road into the jungle. 

Source: YouTube / BBC Earth

Source: YouTube / BBC Earth

The BBC crew realized that the gorilla was tensed because he wanted to protect his family and wanted them to reach their destination safely. 

Gorillas are protective of their young ones by nature, explains a website called the Gorilla Highlands

The big silverback gorilla proved to be the ideal leader of the group because he bravely stood protecting his troop and made sure that they safely crossed to the other side of the forest without any harm. 

Source: YouTube / BBC Earth

Source: YouTube / BBC Earth

The BBC crew were left in awe because they were able to witness such a unique and rare moment and they were happy to share it with the rest of the world. 

In related news, the Riverbanks Zoo made room for one more animal when an adorable baby gorilla was born. The zoo also shared the photos of the baby online. 

The mother gorilla named Kazi gave birth to the new baby, and the zoo confirmed on Twitter that both mother and baby are doing well after the delivery. 

The western lowland gorilla's father is Cenzoo. The baby gorilla’s “aunt” stayed close to her sister during her labor. The zoo also tweeted that the whole troop is happy and doing well. 

It was an exciting day for visitors at the Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands. A couple of young male gorillas were captured on camera playfully interacting and making questionable poses and entertaining the patrons. 

The young gorillas, Aybo and Thabo, were seen in 'adult' positions in pictures that were posted and shared many times online by the visitors who witnessed the playful behavior of the primates, according to the Daily Mail

The youngsters, however, may have only been imitating the behavior of the adult gorillas with whom they share the facility with because, on an average, male gorillas mature sexually from the age of 11 to 13 years. 

Aybo and Thabo were three-year-old half-brothers.  

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