Princess Love's 3-month-old daughter rocks white dress riding unicorn in new photo

The entertainer, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and reality star has welcomed a baby girl with her husband, and is loving sharing her sweet little girl with the world through her social media.

Princess Love and Ray J became parents in May 2018, when Love gave birth to their daughter Melody Love Norwood. Since then, the infant has featured in plenty photos and videos on both her parents' Instagram accounts. 

Love first debuted her daughter on the social media site on June 1, with a sweet photo of herself and Ray holding their baby girl between them when she was just days old. 

"Introducing Melody Love Norwood @okmagazine," Love captioned that shot of the couple smiling while their daughter slept in their arms. 

Since then, the little girl has become a staple in their videos, with Ray J even including her when he sang a special anniversary song for Love on August 12 when the couple celebrated their two-year anniversary. 

In the video, he was carrying Melody as he held up the camera, singing for his wife who could be seen still in bed in the background. 

Love recently took to her account again to share a beautiful photo of her baby daughter on a white and pink rocking unicorn. 

In the shot, the baby wore a frilly white dress with a collar and lace hem. She was barefoot, but wore a white bow in her hair. She seemed slightly perplexed as to what she was doing on a horse in the middle of her living room, with Love holding her upright. 

The unicorn itself has a sparkling pink horn, a pink bow, and a number of other baby pink accents, including hooves and a saddle. 

Love was celebrating the fact that her daughter had turned three months old. 

Within a day, the post had over 125,000 likes, with plenty of fans taking to the comments section to gush over how adorable the little girl is. 

The couple had a difficult relationship through the years before finally managing to tie the knot in 2016 at a lavish ceremony at the Vibiana in Los Angeles. They had just 150 guests in attendance for the occasion. 

Ray announced that they were expecting their little girl six months into Love's pregnancy. 

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