Jordin Sparks' mom confronts Dana Isaiah in heated argument about daughter's abrupt marriage

Jordin Sparks' mom Jodi finally lets out her thoughts regarding her daughter's sudden marriage to Dana Isaiah and how she has been after they got married. 

Fans were shocked when Jordin Sparks revealed last November that she was not only married but was expecting her first child with husband Dana Isaiah. She made it clear that she's never been so sure of a man in her life the way she was with him, and that he was "the one". 

“I’d never spent time together with someone of the opposite sex that I’d immediately felt 100 percent comfortable with – it was a little wake up call for me. I was like, ‘I think this is how I’m supposed to feel… no, I know this is how I’m supposed to feel.”

Prior to their secret marriage, they eloped in July last year before she found out she was pregnant in August. That might be the first reason why Jodi Sparks has been quite skeptical about her son-in-law and was secretly trying to hide her disappointment by how things were going on in her daughter's life. To cut the long story short, Jodi and Dana are just not on good terms. 

Now that Lifetime is set to air an upcoming reality special on the couple called "Jordin Sparks: A Baby Story", Jodi actually confronts Isaiah about her feelings. One of her major issues is that he barely speaks to his mother-in-law, and seems to be keeping Jordin to himself. 

During a heated kitchen conversation, she said:

"We need to talk. Like, you need to talk to me. You do realize we’ve had one full-blown conversation. That’s it. Put yourself in my shoes for a second. This is my child, who you rushed in, took her away from everything.”

Reiterating how the instructor just suddenly appeared in their lives out of nowhere, she said that she doesn't know Isaiah at all. 

“I don’t know you at all. Like, at all. So all I’m seeing is I don’t have my daughter anymore, now she’s pregnant, now she’s holed up here and she’s with you, the guy who doesn’t talk. You should be telling me, ‘I’m going to take care of her. I won’t ever let anything happen to her.’ You have not reassured me. You haven’t done anything like that. When I didn’t get that, then you just don’t know. I have nothing to go on. And then you start assuming stuff. Kind of like, ‘Who does he think he is?’ That’s my kid and I get nothing?”

Things got even tenser after Dana replied that he did not want to put time and energy in trying to get to know Mrs. Sparks because she never tried to embrace him the way his family embraced Jordin. 

“The same way my family has dove in and loved Jordin so hard, hasn’t been the same way reciprocated to me. And for me, I have a really cold shoulder, so when I see that, I move on. I don’t give a damn. Why am I going to put all my effort into that when it’s not [expletive] given back to me?”

After what he said, Dana proceeded to walk out before Jordin tells him that he can't leave, but he said "Yes I can. I just did. I'm done."

Although the special is about the couple's preparation for the arrival of their first son DJ, it would most definitely not be reality TV without some drama. 

The one-hour special premieres on September 6 on Lifetime at 10 p.m. ET/PT. 

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