Brave dog sends owner running away screaming when he accidentally flings a live snake at her

Rodolfo Vieira
Aug 30, 2018
12:14 P.M.
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The video of a dog flinging a black snake at its owner, Roxanne Carson, has gone viral but she will never forget how frightened she was. You can watch the video below.


Although the encounter with the reptile happened back in 2017, Carson only posted the video recently after a conversation about snakes with her co-workers.

Carson, from Morristown, Tennessee, took to her Facebook account to post the scary encounter and, so far, it has been shared almost 70,000 times.

According to Carson, she was just walking around her property while talking on the phone when she happened to notice the black snake. Follow us on our Twitter account @amomama_usa to learn more


The woman confessed that she screamed and started filming the snake slithering around in the grass. Apparently, her dogs usually go after small creatures, such as possums and groundhogs, but never snakes.

It was quite shocking for Carson to see the animal, but it was even worse when one of the dogs, named George, started engaging the snake, which immediately tried to attack him.


Carson can be heard screaming and telling George to leave the snake alone; at one point, with the help of the other dog, George picked it up with his teeth and flung it towards Carson.

She revealed that she dropped the cell phone and started running; after that, the video ends and it is unknown what happened next.


But, although George threw the snake at his owner, he was just trying to help, just like Paco and Slayer, two dogs from Florida, did when they saved two children from a venomous snake.

Melissa Butt's grandchildren, Zayden and Mallory, were playing in the backyard when Paco noticed the snake and started barking. In order to protect the children, Paco and Slayer stood their ground but ended up getting bitten.

Still, Slayer honored his name and killed the snake. Paco was bitten in the leg but Slayer's face was bloated and had a sack of fluid dripping down his chin.

The dog was transported to BluePearl Veterinary Partners, where he was given high doses of antivenin and made comfortable to start his journey back to health.