Swizz Beatz fires back at critics calling his wife, Alicia Keys, a 'homewrecker'

Rapper and DJ Swizz Beatz, who has been married to singer Alicia Keys since 2010, took to social media to defend his wife from the people who call her a “homewrecker.”

Swizz got tired of all those people who do nothing but send backlash to his relationship with Alicia and took to Instagram to clear all the rumors and to defend his wife.

He pointed out that while “haters” say that Alicia was a homewrecker and that he got stolen “like some bank robbery,” R&B singer Mashonda, Swizz’ ex-wife and the mother of one of his five children, was on vacation with him and Alicia in Cairo.

The rapper added that they were living their best life as a blended family, proving that there is no bad blood between them. Later, he wondered how his followers were more upset about the past than his family.


Swizz recently shared a photo on Instagram portraying himself wearing black shoes, matching sweatpants, a sleeveless white shirt, and a black and white hat while covering Alicia, who put on a black dress, with an umbrella.

For the caption, he addressed all men and told them that they shouldn’t be jealous because their “queens” were smarter, better, or more successful than them.

He added that what they should either thank God for that or do their best to improve. Swizz pointed out that he couldn't stand men being jealous of their wives as it was “very weak.”


A second photo that the rapper uploaded showed him next to Alicia during their vacation in Egypt and, in the caption, he wrote: “Every King need a Queen that’s better than him. FACTS [sic].”

While Swizz might consider that Alicia is better than him, he is a household name in the music industry. He has produced several hit singles for important artists, including Eve’s “Gotta Man” DMX’s “Party Up,” and Beyoncé’s “Ring the Alarm.”


In late-July, Swizz took to Instagram to share several photos showing himself and his wife on their wedding anniversary. One of them portrayed the couple sitting on what appeared to be a boat while enjoying a cup of wine and posing for the camera.

The second post that Swizz shared was a collage with different photos of the couple posing in front of cars and sculptures in a vintage style. All those pictures prove how much they love each other.

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