Man thought he found puppies in garden, but it turns out they were not even dogs

Oct 25, 2018
12:17 P.M.
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Craig McGettrick, the owner of a delivery, clean-up, and removal service in England, was working in a garden when he discovered something unusual. 


McGettrick was cleaning a client's garden full of waste when found a litter of puppies hidden underneath an old mattress and the mother was nowhere to be seen.

He posted the pictures of the pups and also explained how he found them on his Facebook page on March 14, 2017.

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He thought the puppies would not be able to make it without their mother nursing them. Hence, he decided to take them to a local rescue shelter, the Freshfields Animal Rescue, which immediately took charge of the babies. 

McGettrick's post on Facebook received considerable attention online, and it also reached Mark Hemmington's social media feed. 


Hemmington, who is the founder of the National Fox Welfare Society, had some pretty surprising information for McGettrick; the puppies he had discovered were not puppies but baby foxes, also called as kits or cubs. 

One of the voluntary organization's member, Paul was asked to come and help with reuniting the baby foxes with their mother, as shelter volunteers thought that the cubs were too small and frail to be left in the wild. 


Paul was sure that if the mother fox heard her babies' cries, she would return to them. So he suggested that they take the kits back to the garden where they initially found them. 

Paul's expertise in the matter came in handy, and the mother did come back for her kits. He shared the happy reunion of mother and babies on Facebook, and the video has received more than 278,000 views so far.

The mother carefully came towards the box in which the kits were placed, and once she saw that they were alright, she slowly picked up one of the babies and took him away.


She came back to pick up the other four cubs one by one, and within sixty seconds she had carried all of them away. 

The volunteers involved in the mission were glad that their plan had worked. 

The National Fox Welfare Society has been rescuing foxes from the past 20 years, and the volunteers have dedicated themselves to provide the rescued foxes with the best medical care before they are let off in the wild.