Dog doesn't like owner's new hamster and can't even look at his latest roommate

A Bernese Mountain dog was caught on tape giving a surprising reaction when his owner introduced him to a new hamster in the family.

Recorded on camera by Songyi, the video of the dog’s hilarious reaction to the hamster was shared on Facebook by Unilad.

The video shows Songyi carrying the hamster in her hands and bringing her near to her Bernese mountain dog, making their first introductions.

However, the first meet-up didn’t go as what Songyi might have liked. When she presented the hamster in front of her dog, it turned his head away refusing to look at it. There was a bewildered look on his face and his eyes went wide as if in fear.

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There is yet another dog in the video, who doesn’t seem to be having much trouble accepting the hamster into the family. However, the Bernese seems like he would gladly walk through the wall rather than confront the little hamster.

Songyi continuously laughs at her dog’s strange behavior but she doesn’t give up. She forces her dog to face the little creature by placing him right before the dog it time he turned his head.

Eventually, the Bernese seems to concede for a while. He makes an eye contact with the hamster and stares into the eyes of the little creature. But he cannot hold the stare for too long and eventually looks away.

Sometimes, animals show a surprising reaction to unexpected events. It’s really difficult to say why they would feel threatened or scared by certain situations while not from the others.

Just like this Bernese Mountain dog, a dog named June Cash was recorded showing so much of fear after being abandoned that it wouldn’t turn away from the wall.

The dog was brought to The Haley Graves Foundation as a part of the rescue, but the workers there had a tough time bringing the dog back to normality.

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