Boy’s reaction to scary story wins the Internet

A little boy listening to a woman telling a scary story had a priceless reaction, as shown in the video that quickly became viral online.

It’s no secret that kids easily get scared especially by stories about ghosts and monsters.

This one kid had a hilarious reaction when a blonde lady was telling him a scary story and online users have been gushing over it.

The child’s scream on the video just proves how easily frightened kids can be.

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The woman and the kid appeared to be in front of a kitchen counter with another older boy at the back listening intently while eating a snack.

Source: Youtube/Kyoot

Source: Youtube/Kyoot

The woman was dramatically reading a book called “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark.”

The boy, who was standing beside the woman, was looking back and forth between the pages of the book and the lady while he was listening.

He appeared to be into it as he maintained eye contact with his mouth wide open the entire time.

Just when he wasn’t expecting it, the woman suddenly turned to him and shouted, “Ahhhhhhhhh!” in an attempt to scare the boy.

Source: Youtube/Kyoot

Source: Youtube/Kyoot

The story must have completely spooked the boy, and he let out a loud scream with his eyes almost popping out.

Even the older boy listening behind them was startled for a second, but he was able to hold himself together.

After the little boy screamed, he looked at the woman and then on the book.

The woman laughed, and so did the older boy.

Amused, the woman asked the boy, who still looked shaken up, “Should I maybe not read anymore?”

Almost immediately, the boy replied, “Do it!”

The woman laughed once more and went on reading.

Meanwhile, another little boy became viral when he tried to dive into a pool but hilariously failed.

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