George W. Bush caught sneaking candy to Michelle Obama at McCain's funeral

Former president George W. Bush was caught on camera playfully slipping candy to the ex-first lady during Senator John McCain’s funeral on Saturday. The gesture was very touching and social media seems to agree.

The Bushes and the Obamas sat on the same pew at the Washington National Cathedral where everyone was gathered for the late senator’s memorial service. While Joe Lieberman delivered his eulogy, George and Michelle were up to something quite amusing.

The former president, 72, took a cough drop from his wife, Laura Bush, and subtly passed it to the former first lady. Michelle, 54, mouthed a quick “Thank You” to George as their spouses observed the exchange fondly.

Social media users were touched by the heartwarming moment and said as much in their comments. Twitter user, Brenna Williams, observed that the late McCain would have loved the sight:

“I'd like to think that moments like this between W. Bush and Michelle Obama are what McCain was hoping for.”

Amee Vanderpool noted:

“The camera just cut away from Joe Lieberman’s joke about John McCain to Laura Bush just passing a hard church candy to Michelle Obama thru George Bush and it might be the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.”

Past presidents Barrack Obama and George Bush also delivered their eulogies to the late McCain on Saturday. Both referenced the past when they had, at different times, been political rivals with the deceased.

George reminisced:

“Back in the day he could frustrate me, and I know he’d say the same thing about me. But he also made me better. …We sometimes talked of that intense period like football players remembering a big game. In the process, rivalry melted away. In the end I got to enjoy one of life’s great gifts: the friendship of John McCain.”

Barack also recalled his interactions with McCain:

“We talked about policy, and we talked about family, and we talked about the state of our politics. And our disagreements didn’t go away during these private conversations. Those were real, they were often deep. But we enjoyed the time we shared away from the bright lights.”

The immediate past president of the United States had earlier penned a lengthy tribute to McCain following the news of his death. He recognized that they were political opponents but also confessed that they shared “a fidelity to something higher.”

The late senator died on August 25 after a long battle with brain cancer. Other dignitaries present at the memorial service include former president Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, Al Gore, as well as Republican Dick Cheney.

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