People enable man in a wheelchair to experience crowdsurfing at a concert

People attending music concerts usually have at least one thing in common with one another: A love of that band or artist they are watching. But this group took their connection to a whole new level when they noticed someone in the crowd. 

At a Liam Gallagher concert at Emirates Old Trafford in the United Kingdom, 30-year-old Michael Reynolds decided he wanted to watch the show with his 15 friends, rather than using the designated wheelchair area that woul have given him a much better view. 

As a result, the wheelchair bound man was struggling to see the stage and Gallagher on it. But when Gallagher's hit "Wonderwall" started to play, Reynolds' mates decided they would give him a bit of a boost. 

His friends found handholds on his wheelchair, and started to lift him up so that he would be above their heads and finally able to see the stage. 

As they did, they got an incredible response from the crowd around them, with around 20 more fans rushing to help them lift the chair as high as possible. 

Despite his inability to stand, Gallagher had arguably the best seat in the house for the popular song, with a perfect view of the singer and the added voices of the crowd singing along to the tune. 

"Obviously, there was the disabled area, but there were 15 of us and I am the only one in a wheelchair. But I couldn’t see, I ended up just listening to it. My mates had the idea of lifting me up. Suddenly, there were 20 lads all helping. Everyone was loving it. It was really positive. The atmosphere was unbelievable. Everyone was really helping. You couldn’t fault the crowd at all, it was just people being positive wanting to help," he said

Reynolds has been wheelchair bound for five years following a motocross accident that broke his back. 

Concert goer Hannah shared the story of the wonderful act of kindness with Unilad, telling the publication that she had been recording the song on her phone when she noticed Reynolds crowd surfing in his wheelchair. 

"Once I saw it I started recording him because I thought it was so lovely of fans to carry him during Oasis’s most popular song which I’m sure they were all waiting for him to preform. They proceeded to go through the crowd, I didn’t see how far they got as I couldn’t see anything myself the whole night because I had a giant standing in front of me! But it was an amazing thing to witness," she said

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