Terrifying but also cute moment when huge bear sits next to photographer

Drew Hamilton was sitting in a camping chair filming the bears in the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary and Refuge when he captured the unforgettable experience of being so close to a big brown bear. 

The tech worker with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game was at the sanctuary which is home to the largest gathering of wild brown bears, when the big bear walked near him and casually took a seat next to him, according to Huffington Post.

The video of the encounter was shared on YouTube on June 15, 2014, received over 21 million views until now.

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Hamilton stayed remarkably calm throughout the video and did not move a muscle so as not to provoke the bear. 

The video, shot in 2012, starts off with the bear walking at the bank of the river, where Hamilton had set up his chair and camera and surveyed the river before him. 

The animal seems relaxed as he yawned and enjoyed the peace of the sanctuary as the photographer carried on filming next to him.

Source: YouTube / jprocdaddy

Source: YouTube / jprocdaddy

Finally, the bear got up and walked back the same way he had come from, most probably to join the other bears fishing in the river. At the end of the video, the camera is turned around, and we can see several bears in the river. 

Uplifting Today reported that the public's access to the park is restricted, but some people with prior permission are allowed entry into the sanctuary to take photos or videos of the assembly of bears. 

The bears arrive at the McNeil River’s falls and hunt for the salmon. Huff Post reported that over the period of a single summer, around 144 bears had been spotted at the river and at one particular time, 74 bears were seen.

Another brown bear named Bruiser seemed to enjoy his time swimming in a sanctuary's pool and was cooling off in the most adorable way possible.

Source: YouTube / jprocdaddy

Source: YouTube / jprocdaddy

Single Vision is a sanctuary that houses animals that are dangerously close to extinction and provides them with a safe environment to live. The refuge is located in Melrose, Florida and was founded by Carl Bovard. 

The sanctuary shared the video of Bruiser's belly flopping and swimming in the pool on YouTube in 2015. Bruiser can be seen climbing the ladder and jumping face first into the water. 

He climbs out of the pool and lounges on the grass for a few seconds before climbing back up and going into the pool. 

A couple of lucky tourists received a delightful surprise from a grizzly bear when the animal turned out to be a magnificent host and welcomed them. 

A short clip of a hilarious moment between a visitor and a bear in the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, Washington, was shared on YouTube in 2010, and the video has been viewed more than 19 million times since then. 

In the video, a tourist sitting on the passenger side in her car waves her bye at the bear sitting behind the fence. The bear then cleverly imitates the woman's gesture and waves back at her.

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