How Thumbelina the fat squirrel came to live with human parents

Jan 17, 2019
06:27 A.M.
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Thumbelina and her sister were rescued by Wildlife rehabilitators Christina and Michael from an apartment on the 10th floor after the owner gave them a call.


The adorable squirrel now has her own website called Little Thumbelina Girl which tells the story of her birth and how she came to live with human parents.

The Eastern Grey Squirrel was found with her sister in a haphazardly made nest in the window of the bedroom of a New York City apartment.

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Christina speculated that the squirrel family's original nest was ruined due to construction work going on nearby and the pregnant mother climbed up the building, getting in through the window into the apartment to give birth to her babies.


The wildlife rescuers attempted to reunite the baby squirrels with their mother. Unfortunately, she did not take them back even though she kept returning with materials to rebuild the nest.


“Even if we could have reunited them, there was very little chance the mom could keep them warm because there was no nest.”

Christina, Popular Science, August 30, 2018.

Aware that the babies would die if they were left alone, the couple took them to their home. Sadly, one of the two babies passed away.

Little Thumbelina survived and the two-year-old lives with the husband and wife, who have rescued dozens of orphaned baby squirrels.


The couple, who rescue, raise and then release squirrels into the wild, realized that Thumbelina case was unique. Due to the not-so-normal circumstances of her birth, she would not have survived in the wild. Christina and Michael decided to adopt her.

The couple said that the squirrel opened her eyes when she was nine-weeks-old, while usually baby squirrels open their eyes when they are four to five weeks old. She also lacked the necessary skills like climbing and jumping.

She kept drinking milk even after she was introduced to solid foods and generally, did not quite behave like a squirrel at all.


Christina also shared that the chubby squirrel never gelled with the other rescue squirrels that the couple brought home. She would always run away from them and hide.

The now two-year-old Thumbelina spends her days with her parents in their home. She loves avocados and goes on endless searches to find them in the kitchen.

She is terrified of the outdoors and the only time she comes close to being outdoors is when she sleeps on the windowsill.

Christina and Michael's goal is to educate people on the importance of showing kindness and respect to all kinds of wildlife. They want to spread their message - “Each little life is big to the one living it."


Another little squirrel in Colombia was electrocuted when she ran on some power lines, and it seemed that she would die, but a group of men who had seen her, came forward and helped bring her back to life.

The men placed the poor squirrel on the seat of bike nearby, and one of them began to perform CPR on the squirrel by continuously tapping his finger on its chest.

The video of the rescue was shared on YouTube in May 2018 by the Dodo, and it has been viewed more than a million times since then.

After more than a minute's effort, the little animal starts to breathe again, and as soon as the squirrel regains some strength, it hurries to escape and gets down on the ground.



The men pat on the scared little creature's back to assure that it was safe and the squirrel finally walks away.

A man found three baby squirrels in a nest that was inside a fallen tree in his backyard, and when he tried to find the mother, she was nowhere to be seen.

The video of the three babies was shared on YouTube. The clip begins when the homeowner and wife walk towards the fallen tree.

When they got closer, they find that there are three babies in the nest. When the man gently tried to remove the little squirrels from the nest, one of them grabbed his foot and started climbing up his pants.


The wife cautiously took the baby when it began to climb, and to the couple's surprise, it seemed to calm down and even let them pet it.

The couple took the babies home when they realized that they would not survive if left alone outside. At first, the babies were healthy, but they still needed proper care since there was no mother.

The squirrels were given to an expert because the couple felt that they did have the proper experience to care for the babies.

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