Dad shares heartbreaking dance with gravely ill 2-year-old daughter in hospital room

A video of a father sharing a heartwarming dance with his two-year-old daughter, who has cancer, inside a hospital room became viral online.

Phoenix Thompson was on the last day of the first round of her cancer treatment when she was surprised by her father at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

According to her doctors, Phoenix supposedly has a rare form of blood cancer. It is known as juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML).

The effects of it are various infections, anemia, and bleeding.

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On August 16, 2018, Phoenix finished her first round of chemotherapy and her father, Brett Thompson, decided he wanted to surprise the toddler to celebrate.

Brett’s wife, Christina, knew he was driving up to visit from their home in Winder, Georgia, but she had no idea that Brett had whipped up something special for little Phoenix.

On that day, a nurse entered their hospital room and gave the mother and daughter some dresses that the nurse said were left by a “volunteer.”

Phoenix put on one of the dresses, and suddenly, Brett came in dressed in a suit.

The little girl was surprised to see her dashing father. After a while, Tim McGraw’s “My Little Girl” started playing, and Brett and Phoenix shared a touching slow dance together.

Phoenix was all smiles during the special moment that was captured on video, which had been warming the hearts of many online users since it was posted.

Speaking to People, Christina said, “[Her reaction to it] was the biggest emotional thing for me.”

Later on, it was revealed that Christina and Brett are not the two-year-old’s biological parents. They have been her legal guardians since she was a baby.

The biological mother is Christina’s childhood friend and was supposedly on drugs while she was pregnant with Phoenix.

After giving birth, the mother was sent to prison but is now in rehab. She has also been contributing to help in her child’s needs.

As for Phoenix, Christina said she remains to be a ray of sunshine for the people around her despite her health condition.

She shared, “She’s full of life and full of energy; she’s the only kid that gets out of her room here and goes and plays with everybody.”

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