'Stand your ground' shooter has no regrets about killing unarmed black man over parking place

Michael Drejka, the 48-year-old man arrested for shooting Markeis McGlocton in front of his girlfriend and children, pointed out that he had no regrets for his actions.

The incident took place in July 2018, and the CCTV cameras of the establishment recorded everything. The clip showed Drejka arguing with McGlocton’s girlfriend, Brittany Jacobs, over a handicapped parking spot.

Inside of the victim’s car, his three-year-old and four-month-old children were sitting with their mother. Soon after that, McGlocton was shown getting out of the store and walking toward Drejka.

Without exchanging words, the father of three pushed Drejka, who fell to the ground. Soon after that, he sat up, pulled a gun out, and shot McGlocton to death in front of his family.

When the victim received the impact, he ran back into the establishment. According to Daily Mail, he collapsed there only a few feet away from his five-year-old son who was waiting for him inside the convenience store.


In an interview the man had with WTSP, Drejka confessed that even though he had plenty of time to think about the shooting, he would not do anything different as he followed the law “in the way I felt the law was supposed to be followed.”


The thing that Drejka was talking about was the stand-your-ground law. According to CNN, it allows people to respond to threats or force without fear of criminal prosecution. In self-defense law states, the person under threats has a “duty to retreat” before responding with force.

Drejka and McGlocton’s incident took place in Florida, a stand-your-ground state, so he didn’t have the duty to retreat before firing his gun, which is why he was not arrested when the shooting took place. After several protests from the victim’s family and other civil rights groups, the State Attorney reviewed the case and arrested Drejka.

Apart from that, Daily Mail added that he had threatened three other drivers in the past few years. At the moment, Drejka is in prison on $100.000 bond.

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