Tamera Mowry's son, 5, snatches hearts in baseball outfit complete with a bat & ball

Tamera Mowry's latest photo of her son in a baseball outfit is a reminder of how loving she is as a mother who's seen the best and worst of her growing child. 

Tamera Mowry shows her son Aden’s true colors in a new photo she shared of him.

Five years ago, Tamera welcomed her first child with her husband Adam Housley. He weighed 9 pounds and 5 ounces and they named him Aden John Tanner Housley. 

When Aden was 2 ½ years, Tamera flew across the country with him for the first time. Because he was previously used to sitting on his parents’ lap when he was younger, he threw a tantrum when he was required to have his own seat. It took a while for Aden to finally take his seat and for Tamera it felt like years after receiving a couple of stares from other passengers whose flight couldn’t take off because of Aden. 

The incident was a learning curve for Tamera who realizes when a child has a meltdown, it helps when the people around are supportive of the parent. After all, most parents go through that at one point in their lives.  

Now that Aden is five and off to school, Tamera proudly revealed what a “lovely and caring soul” her son was. On his first day of school, the reality star gushed about how great it went as Aden rushed to school excited to meet all his new friends. While Tamera tried to hold back tears, Aden blew her a kiss and told her he loved her. 

Moments like this fill Tamera’s life with joy. Much like a recent photo where Aden showcases his true colors by dressing up as a baseball Giant. Aden wore the team’s black and orange jersey complete with a hat. He also carried a bat and a ball with him while fashioning adorable orange glasses. Tamera described the photo as Aden embracing the Bay Area in her caption but added, “Although he really had no choice.”

Tamera’s love for Aden abounds as evident in several of her posts with him. She recently shared a cute photo of them playing in the street and it was heartwarming to see. Aden was smiling as his mother playfully chased him on the street. The mother-and-son moment is inspiring for other mothers who strive to spend quality time with their children amid their busy schedules. Tamera is one mother who’s devoted to doing that and she’s successful at it too.  

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