Patti LaBelle's granddaughters rock identical swimsuits in adorable video

Patti LaBelle's granddaughters are adorable, and having their own Instagram page makes it easier for people to see their playful and unique bond with each other. 

When she's not busy on stage or selling her famous sweet potato pie, Patti LaBelle takes on her role as grandmother to her two granddaughters, Gia and Leyla. Although it's common for her fans to see the two little girls doing different activities due to their Instagram page, the most recent post gave us all the best summer vibes. 

In the snap, Gia and Leyla were enjoying each other's company while dressed in matching swimsuits. Smiling and moving around for the video, the two of them looked like absolute sweethearts, although it was quite clear that all they wanted to do was head on over to the pool. 

Their mom captioned the post with "BFFs always and forever," which proves the close relationship that the sisters have with one another. 

The two lovely girls are the daughters of Patti's son Zuri Edwards with his wife, Lona. The Instagram account of the two girls was set up by Lona herself, and she would often amuse her followers with the day to day activities of their family. 

It seems that the family enjoys heading outdoors to swim, as they frequently post photos of the two of them enjoying their fun days by the pool. In one particular snap last January, Gia was seen adoring her little sister as they wore matching pink long-sleeved swimsuits.

The older sister lovingly gave little Leyla a peck on the cheek, while someone's hand held her in place. The photo was also captioned "BFFs," and months later, this statement remains the same. 

With all of these adorable pictures, Patti is without a doubt delighted by how her family seems to love one another. The superstar herself often gushes about her little ones, making sure to show appreciation for them on social media. 

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