'Counting On' star and her husband open up about the tough birth of their 10-pound baby

Joy-Anna Duggar gave birth to her first child but the whole labor experience proved to be much more challenging than she expected.

The Duggard family is very familiar with all the circumstances that can be found at the time of birth, so they do not become alarmed easily, however, they are always surprised when complications occur.

And according to People, so was the case of the first delivery of Joy-Anna, who received her baby earlier this year after hard work and spending almost an entire day in labor.

Unfortunately, Joy-Anna's baby was placed inside the womb in a position that made it impossible for her to be born through a natural birth, so she ended up coming to this world via cesarean section.

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Joy-Anna hopes to have her son in a home birth, in the most traditional way, but her wishes were frustrated when she learned that her son had not been placed in the correct position inside the uterus, that is, with his head towards the mother's pelvis.

After more than twenty hours waiting to have her baby in the comfort of her home, the young girl had to move as soon as possible to a hospital to have her operated and the baby was delivered through an emergency cesarean section.

This was the greatest fear that the young Duggar had and unfortunately it came true, however, the fright passed quickly when the mother was finally able to hold her baby in her arms and see that everything had turned out well.

So on February 23 this year, first-time parents Joy-Anna, 20, and her husband Austin Forsyth, 24, welcomed their little son Gideon Martyn Forsyth, who weighed 10lb and measured 22 inches, a big baby!

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