September 07, 2018

4-year-old hospitalized with life-threatening illness after trying on new shoes

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A four-year-old girl had to be hospitalized after contracting a sepsis infection from trying on shoes without wearing socks.

Sienna Rasul, from South Wales, became ill the day after she tried on the shoes with her bare feet and her mother, Jodie Thomas, was forced to rush her to the hospital.

Thomas took to her Facebook account to let other parents known what had happened to her little girl and warn them about the importance of carrying around a pair of socks for these occasions.

Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening complication that is caused by the body's immune system as an extreme response to an infection. Follow us on our Twitter account @amomama_usa to learn more.




In total, Sienna spent five days in the hospital after she started crying 'in agony.' Her body temperature was very high and she barely had any strength in her muscles.

During an interview with The Sun, Thomas shared that, initially, the doctors believed that they would have to operate, but they were able to drain the infection from her daughter's leg.



According to the doctors responsible for handling the case, whose identities are yet to be revealed, Sienna might have contracted the deadly bacteria through a simple cut or open wound on her foot.

Thomas confirmed that the shoes Sienna chose had been previously worn by several other girls, which led to the unfortunate outcome. But this can happen to anyone, even royalty.



Recently, it was reported that Kate Middleton took Prince George and Princess Charlotte shopping for the new school year; unfortunately, she forgot to pack some socks.

Luckily, George and his younger sister borrowed socks from the John Lewis partnership brand Peter Jones, so there was no risk whatsoever of catching any bacteria that might have been lurking in the shoes they tried on.