Snoop Dogg melts hearts sharing rare photo with his mom and 2 brothers

Legendary rapper and Hip-Hop icon, Snoop Dogg recently shared a photo with his mom and two brothers, proving that even though he’s a grandfather, he’s still his mother’s son.

In the photo, Snoop and his mom were flanked by his elder brother and junior brother on both sides. They all smiled at the camera as Snoop referred to them affectionately as his “first family.”

The “What’s My Name?” rapper hardly shares photos of his mom, Beverly Broadus-Green, but the two are very close. The rapper, whose real name is Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr., got his stage name from his mom who once joked that her son looked like the “Peanuts” character, Snoopy.

These days, fans are usually more shocked when they hear that Broadus-Green is an evangelist. For the most of her life, Snoop’s mother was a church choir director and a head chef. She once said Snoop, 46, could never get enough of her “Cheese and Macaroni (not the other way around).”

It was during Easter 2005 that the mother-of-three decided to accept the “calling to serve the Lord.” With three sons from three different men, Broadus-Green knows what it feels like to be unlucky in love, and that is what fuels her passion for helping battered women.

The 67-year-old “Real Love” author revealed that she’s “blessed with the discernment to pick up on abusive relationships,” and is using that gift to keep other women from making the mistakes she made in her past relationships.

In 2015, Broadus-Green created YouthBloc, “an online social education platform aimed at revolutionizing the way teens and young adults look and learn about the world of business.” Her focus was on at-risk teenagers and youths who needed something to take their attention off drugs and gangs.

While many are astonished at the seeming contrast between the lives of mother and son, Broadus-Green has only good things to say about her famous son. She insists:

"Since the beginning of his career until now I have seen a tremendous change in my son. Snoop is a man of God and I can see God positioning him."

Go here for more of what Broadus-green has to say about her son.

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