Here's what happened when a man released a dog who was chained for most of his life

Edduin Carvajal
Sep 25, 2018
08:48 A.M.
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As an animal enthusiast, Steve Markwell knew that chaining a dog was harmful to them. He shared video to let everyone know how it affects an animal.


The recording began with Steve walking toward a German Sheppard named Alex that was chained to a fence in a rural area.

Alex was very scared and seemed to be highly aggressive as he never stopped barking. Steve got closer and was trying that Alex got used to his scent, but the dog wouldn’t let him get too close.

After a while, Steve managed to get where Alex’s chain was, but the dog tried to bite him several times.

Using a big blanket to guide Alex to a cage, Steve could finally unchain and rescue him. Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik



After that, a short clip of Steve petting Alex in the middle of the street surprised everyone. The man pointed out that, while he was transporting the dog in his truck, he realized Alex was not aggressive as all he wanted to was someone to pet him.

It all happened about 25 minutes after Steve unchained him, proving that the effect was almost immediate. The following morning, Steve recorded himself again sitting in his truck while Alex was on his lap enjoying the company and hugs.

Source: YouTube/Olympicanimals1

Source: YouTube/Olympicanimals1



Steve confessed that he hadn’t done any behavior modification or rehab, it was just how Alex felt about not being chained anymore.

“According to the Center for Disease Control, chained dogs are nearly three times as likely to bite adults, and almost five times as likely to bite children. 25% of fatal dog attacks are from chained dogs,” pointed out Steve.


The man added that, apart from deteriorating their ability to be around people, chained dogs are not able to get away from predators, other dogs, or even people who want to hurt them.


Ovidiu Rosu is a vet who found a wild horse with its legs chained. He did what any person with a kind soul would do, and another animal “thanked” him.

Source: YouTube/Four Paws International

Source: YouTube/Four Paws International


In the video, a couple of horses were portrayed walking on a large meadow in Romania. One of them, unfortunately, was walking in a completely different way.

It looked like if it couldn’t move its hind legs but only its front ones, so Rosu got close to it, shot a sedative, and the wild horse was resting on the ground in no time.


While Rosu was waiting for the animal to wake up after cutting the chains, another wild horse got closer and touched his nose to Rosu’s in sheer gratitude.

The rest of the clip showed how the now-unchained horse woke up and moved on to have a better life.

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