Terrifying footage of the strongest storm in 25 years to hit Japan, a million are evacuated

Typhoon Jebi hit the west coast of the country and the meteorological agency issued warnings of possible landslides, high tides, lightning, and tornadoes.

The powerful typhoon arrived on Tuesday, September 4, in western Japan, killing at least nine people and wounding dozens, according to the Daily Mail.

The authorities advised more than one million people to evacuate to protect themselves from the worst storm that has hit the Asian country in 25 years.

Typhoon Jebi is the strongest to lash the country since 1993, causing huge waves and winds of up to 135mph.

It is presumed that this natural phenomenon occurred due to the unprecedented deadly climates that hit the nation this summer, according to The Washington Post reports.

The heat wave in Japan was part of a pattern of warmer weather in several parts of the world, which scientists attribute to global warming.

In addition to the intense temperatures that killed hundreds of people, there were rains, landslides and intense floods. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

On the other hand, Typhoon Jebi first landed on the island of Shikoku, where winds of up to 110 mph were recorded.

Around 800 flights were canceled due to poor weather conditions, according to several Japanese media, while the train service was also suspended until the storm passed.

In Nishinomiya, about 100 cars that were in a coastal concessionaire caught fire after their electrical systems were hit by seawater.

Other images shared by the Japanese media showed massive waves that hit the coast hard.

According to several experts, the waves in some areas were the highest since the typhoon of 1961. The Japan Meteorological Agency issued several warnings.

They warned the population about possible landslides, floods, and strong winds, as well as high tides, lightning, and tornadoes throughout western Japan including Osaka and Kyoto.

Evacuation advisories were issued for 1.19 million people in western and central Japan, according to the fire and disaster management agency.

The weather is increasingly out of control due to climate change, if there is any doubt about it, you can see this footage of a sudden violent hail storm on a Siberian beach.

The summer travelers had to abandon their belongings on the beach when a freak storm broke out, and giant hailstorms started pelting down on them.

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