Woman's food habit caught on camera sparks heated debate online

People on social media have been talking about the mysterious woman who munched down on a weird food combination at the U.S. Open.

It all started on September 3, 2018, when ESPN posted a short clip of an unknown woman dunking her chicken fingers into her soda cup.

Some users found it strange, but there were others who were curious and wanted to try it.

Having unusual food pairings is not an uncommon thing, but somehow, the woman gained attention online and sparked debate.

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The woman seemed to shock a lot of people with her unlikely combination of snacks during the U.S. Open.

Two boys accompanied the woman and they were all sitting at the table.

When she dunked her chicken in her cup of soda, one of the boys gave her a fierce look. The boy appeared puzzled and seemed to wonder why she would do such a thing.

Most of the social media users who saw the clip seem to agree with the boy’s look of disapproval.

Julie Stewart-Binks wrote, “This is legit psychopath status.”

Another Twitter user, Ashley Newton, tweeted, “Of all the things on social media these days, I think that lady dipping her chicken tender in soda at the #USOpen is the most disturbing to me.”

“Why are we dipping chicken fingers into soda? Why is this happening? Someone call the cops right now!” exclaimed Eric Hubbs.

As for one user, he was somewhat intrigued and was curious how chicken fingers would taste like if it were dipped in a cup of soda.

“Pretty sure I just saw a woman dunk her chicken finger in Coke at the #USOpen and take a bite. Now I want to try it,” wrote Eugene Ramirez.

As for Twitter user Frank Bi, he poked fun of the clip and joked that it was probably an alternative since the stadium had been lacking supplies in ketchup.

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