Doctor was forced to turn a baby over inside the mother’s womb for a safe delivery

The baby in the womb of expecting mother Vanessa Fisher was successfully turned upside down for a safer delivery by the doctors.

According to a report from Mirror, the Fisher found herself in a difficult situation when she attempted to reposition her baby on the advice of her midwife.

The news outlet further suggested that Fisher hoped to avoid having a c-section birth but her several attempts at repositioning the baby on her own at home proved unsuccessful.

She and her husband, Nick, then decided to go for an ECV and shared the incredible footage on YouTube which has so far received over 40 million views, as per the news outlet.

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There was a lot of movement in Fisher’s abdomen before Dr. Cummings performed a successful External Cephalic Version (ECV) to turn the breech baby at 38 weeks.

The couple shared the video of the procedure on their official Facebook page, but it has since been removed, as per Mirror.

Fisher initially wrote in the post, “Prior to the procedure, we attempted a number of other methods to turn the baby naturally. Ultimately, our goal is to avoid a cesarean section by any means possible.”

After the procedure was complete, Dr. Cummings asked Fisher to lay her head down and gave her a thumbs up.

Speaking about the experience, she told Mirror online, “I would describe it as unpleasant. There was a lot of pressure but it was only painful where I was sore. The discomfort was quickly forgotten knowing the baby was safe and the procedure was successful.”

According to Unilad, four weeks following the serious procedure, Fisher gave birth to a beautiful baby, later named Ashton Nathaniel.

Pregnancy is one of the most crucial and delicate times in a parents’ lives. Especially for mothers, there are so many considerations that they must pay heed to.

Slightest of mistakes may lead to great devastations just like in the case of this woman in another story, who lost her baby after having asked boyfriend to punch her in the stomach.

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