The touching story of radio host Delilah who lost two of her sons

Radio host, Delilah, said that she would be taking some time off from her radio program, “The Delilah Show,” and from social media to grieve her son who took his own life because of depression.

The radio host took to Facebook on October 7, 2017, saying her son, Zachariah Rene, had committed suicide on the morning of October 3, after he was struggling with depression from some time. 

"He was being treated, counseled, and embraced fiercely by family and friends while battling depression for some time now," she wrote about her late son in her post.

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She went on to add that she will be taking a break from her nationally syndicated radio show to deal with the massive loss that she and her family have suffered.

The "iheart radio host added that Delilah would be absent from social media for some time as well. 

The popular radio jockey appealed to people to remember her son Zachariah in their prayers. She added that she would pray for people enduring the “debilitating” disease called depression. 

She wrote that in her absence, her team would be playing some of her favorite shows recorded recently.

Delilah did not mention her son's age in the post but had added his picture below her post. 

Zachariah was one of Delilah's 13 children. She lost another son, Sammy Young Dzolali Rene, in 2012 from sickle cell anemia. Ten of her 13 children are adopted, according to Western Journal.

Delilah does not use her full name on-air and only goes by her first name. In her show, listeners call and share their personal stories, and there is a mix of love songs played. 

The “Delilah” show airs every night on several iHeartMedia radio stations around the United States.

A young boy, Sammy, had autism and was about to be enrolled in preschool for the next three years before moving on to kindergarten. 

When he was just four-years-old Sammy was diagnosed with a form of pediatric cancer called medulloblastoma on October 19, 2016. 

His grieving mother Kristen Puma shared the story of her son on Love What Matters. Sammy had spent around 250 days at the hospital after being diagnosed with cancer for the first time. 

After enduring an intense 10-hour-long surgery on October 21, 2017, he discharged from the hospital and allowed to go home after about six months. 

He was severely ill again in September 2017 and doctors told his parents his cancer had returned. Surgery was not an option, and there was no other cure for the little one's disease. He passed away on April 12, 2018, after spending his last days with family. 

Tarino Lightbourne, one of the paramedics called at the scene of Jett Travolta's death, threatened to reveal to the world that John Travolta had intentionally killed his son if he was not given $ 25 million. 

The Daily Mail reported that paramedic Tarino Lightbourne planned to expose a waiver that Travolta had signed during the time of his son's accident. 

The indemnity form proved that Travolta refused to send his son to the local hospital which was just 15 minutes away from where they were celebrating New Year's Eve with friends. 

According to the actor's testimony, he had signed the form because he wanted Jett to be taken to Florida for treatment instead of the local hospital. But his son was sent to the nearby hospital before he was pronounced dead. 

The claim made by Lightbourne and his lawyer was later dismissed.

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