Keyshia Cole's younger boyfriend stays by her side while she's sick, melting hearts in a sweet video

Keyshia Cole's boyfriend who's fourteen years younger than her proves he's a good catch as he shares a video where he tends to the singer while she's sick. 

Should Keyshia Cole consider marrying her younger boyfriend Niko Khale, she can rest assured he’ll be by her side through sickness and in health. A recent clip the singer’s boyfriend shared proves this to be true. 

Cole is currently feeling under the weather and she’s finding comfort in the arms of her boyfriend. In a video Khale shared, she appeared to be sleeping and snoring with her head laid on her man’s shoulder as he tried to document the moment.  At one point, Khale’s face is revealed while he lay beside his sleeping girlfriend. Towards the middle of the video which Khale captioned “She lucky she sick,” Cole woke up and discovered she was being filmed. She is then heard exclaiming,

“Omg!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OMG!!!!!!!! Why lord.”

The clip which was reposted by The Shade Room earned a lot of praises from the singer’s fans who now deem her relationship with her boyfriend a #relationshipgoal. 

“it's all good Keyshia! He loves you boo!” 

“We know he did not get to sleep that night lol”

This should overshadow the negative attention the singer first got upon learning her boyfriend is only 22 while she’s 36. She recently also discovered fans were thrilled at the prospect of her being pregnant. In a post she shared a couple of months back, she misled fans to think she was pregnant by using the hashtags #PreggoInMyFashionNovaFit and #CongratulationsAreInOrder to accompany a photo of herself. The singer later apologized for lying about being pregnant and explained she did that because people kept body shaming her and saying she was pregnant every chance they get. She revealed it hurt her feelings but was touched by the outpour of positive comments towards her pregnant post.  

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