Brave stray dog uses curious technique to confront a leopard and make him run scared

A group of tourists witnessed and captured on video a very unlikely episode while driving through a wildlife reserve in Rajasthan, India, where a stray dog managed to scare away a leopard that was after him.

As the Times of India reported on September 5, 2018, the witnesses were at a leopard safari park hoping to catch a glimpse of these elusive felines without imagining they were in for an incredible show from nature.

The tourists, who first stopped the vehicle they were in after spotting the two-year-old leopard, caught the entire episode on video. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

“It was barely some minutes since our vehicle came to a halt on the track on sighting the leopard. We were excited at our luck but didn’t realize that more adventure was in store for us,” driver Ved Prakash told the news outlet.

As Prakash recalled, the dog came down the truck in a friendly attitude after noticing the presence of people. But the animal, which reportedly, lives at a temple inside the forest, failed to realize the dangerous predator was also around.

Source: Twitter/TOICitiesNews

Source: Twitter/TOICitiesNews

“The leopard, which was hiding in a bush about 10 feet away, suddenly pounced at the dog. For a moment, the canine froze. But even as it tucked its tail between its legs, (a sign that it is afraid) it kept barking bravely at the leopard. The big cat stood by the track for a while before slowly retreating into the bushes.”

-Ved Prakash, the Times of India, September 5, 2018.

Source: Twitter/TOICitiesNews

Source: Twitter/TOICitiesNews

The Indian newspaper shared the video of the incident via Twitter and it has so far been viewed more than 7.000 times, liked more than 400 times, and retweeted 160 times.

Source: Twitter/TOICitiesNews

Source: Twitter/TOICitiesNews

The reactions to the clip were mostly people commenting on how brave the dog was in standing his ground and scaring away a faster and stronger creature, with others accusing the tourists of not helping the heroic dog.

“Well, we could all see that the dog has more courage that the people behind the camera,” wrote Guillermo Zola. “They were hoping to watch the leopard kill the dog. That’s why they didn’t alert the dog and started filming,” added Luciana Santulli.

While few people would risk their own lives facing a predator to try to protect a dog, there are endless examples of dogs putting the safety of the people first when an emergency takes place.

It was the case for two heroic dogs that saved two little children from being killed by a poisonous snake that was quietly approaching them.

The dogs noticed the snake on time to confront it, warning the children’s grandparents to get them inside the house. The two pit bulls managed to kill the reptile, but not before it injected them both with poison.

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