Woman lost balance sending herself and her grandchildren tumbling down the escalator (video)

A woman was injured in a heroic attempt to save a family from a tumble

An elderly lady and her grandchildren fell down an escalator after she lost her balance and the incident was filmed and posted on Youtube.

The incident occurred in China, in Penglai, Shandong Province, when the woman took the boy and the girl shopping at a supermarket in a Chinese city.

The trio was ascending on the escalator when the mishap happened. Luckily for them, another shopper who was on the escalator behind them intervened.

Tao Shu'an tried to help the family keep their balance, but she fell too and was injured as a result.

"Although I had to experience pain, as long as the family are safe and sound, I think it was worth it."

Tao Shu'an, Daily Mail, 10th of September 2018.

Running to the rescue she fell too

In the video, Tao Shu'an (in orange) is seen standing behind the grandmother and the children when they lost their balance.

She can be observed trying to prevent their potentially dangerous headlong fall from the escalator.

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Source: Youtube screenshot

Source: Youtube screenshot

The rescuer had to be rescued!

The family came through the incident unscathed, but the rescuer, Tao Shu'an, hurt her leg and was taken to hospital where she had to undergo surgery.

The accident took place on the 30th of August 2018, and the video of the incident has gone viral. .

Source: Youtube screenshot

Source: Youtube screenshot

Injured woman hailed as a heroine

Tao Shu'an was interviewed in the hospital and said that knowing that she had kept the elderly lady and the 2 children safe was worth the pain.

Source: Youtube screenshot

Source: Youtube screenshot

Dangerous escalators

Statistics show that Incidents involving elevators and escalators kill about 30 people, and seriously injure 17,000 people each year in the United States alone. 

Staying safe on an escalator

Safety experts recommend that great care should be taken while riding escalators and that children under 12 should never be allowed to ride them alone.

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