Man ordered daily special at a restaurant and got exactly what he ordered — much to his dismay

We are so much used to ordering food at our favorite restaurants that we do not give it much thought. But doing the same in a completely new place can lead to hilarious consequences.

A man was once driving through the highway town when he started starving. He was stuck in a small hick town and was lost and hungry.

Suddenly, he spotted a small restaurant coming up on his right. Delighted, he pulled over and quickly stepped inside the restaurant.

As soon as he entered the restaurant, he noticed a blackboard hanging on the wall. There was a sign written in yellow chalk, ‘Today’s Special: Vegetable Soup with Fried Chicken and Grilled Vegetables.’

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

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Excited about the menu, the man did not think twice about ordering it. He called a waiter and told him, “I’ll take the special, please.” A few minutes after he had placed the order.

As soon as he saw the items on the table, he was enraged and mad. He called the waiter over once again and told him, “Is this special? It says vegetable soup, but there are no vegetables! It says grilled vegetables, but they aren’t grilled they are baked. And it says fried chicken, and the chicken isn’t fried!”

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

The waiter was not used to the folks from other town coming over and he was not going to put up with the tantrums of this man as well.

He looked at the man and calmly replied, “My dear man. That is what makes it special.”

A young girl sat at the dining table and saw the leftover meatloaf from last night’s supper. “Oh no! Not leftovers again!” she complained.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

“Young lady!” the father sternly responded. “Do you know how many people on earth would love to have a delicious supper like this?”

He then continued, “Now before we start eating, I want to hear you say grace thanking the Lord for this delicious meal!”

The girl then muttered, “Thank you Lord for this delicious supper… again.”

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