Frightened owl released from trap, but bird's reaction is amazing

A man arrived one day at his workplace and was surprised to find out that an animal was trapped and needed his help.

According to Uplifting, a golf superintendent decided to rescue a large horned owl that had somehow become entangled in a waste fishing line.

Craig Loving works at "Lost Creek Country Club," located in Austin, Texas. The kind man shared a video on his Facebook page, which showed the owl in the local golf course pond.

The bird had been trapped in the same place since the previous night until a couple of the club employees noticed that it had one of its wings entangled in a fishing line.

When Loving went to work that morning, he found out about the situation and heard that the club staff was trying to find wildlife experts, but that none were available. Loving didn’t know how to handle the bird but if he didn’t do something fast the animal would probably die.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

The worker decided to volunteer to rescue the owl, so Loving put on his boots and went into action. Loving got into the water with a pair of pliers and set out to free the owl, cutting the fishing line first. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

At that moment he realized that the line was still wrapped around one of the wings of the poor bird, so with slow movements, the golf club employee closely inspected the wing of the animal.

The owl was quite calm and didn’t resist during the rescue mission, thus facilitating the work of Loving. But he did turn to see Loving when he looked through his feathers trying to find the cable and untangle it.

Source: Facebook / Lost Creek Country Club

Source: Facebook / Lost Creek Country Club

After making sure the bird was clear of the fishing line, the very patient Loving used the handle of a shovel to pull the great owl out of the water safely, and thus prevent it from drowning.

The bird was so calm throughout the rescue operation that it seemed as if it intrinsically knew that Loving was there to help and that it could feel safe in his hands.

The owls are not easy to manipulate animals, besides they have very long claws and a very powerful beak. However, this specimen stayed with its savior for a few minutes after being released, to finally fly away.

Loving said that despite the fact that the task seemed a little intimidating, especially when the owl showed his beak threateningly, he was pleased to have released it.


A professor at UCLA shared a photo via Twitter in which three pairs of eyes can be seen looking directly into the camera, surprisingly the mother of the young birds decided to make her nest just outside the window of an office.

Three eggs hatched and the little owls don’t stop looking at every movement made by the employees of the place, although to many they seem really cute, others consider that the owls are instead creepy.


As reported by Inside Edition, in another rescue operation, Colorado firefighters had no idea that the litter of puppies they saved was not puppies, but foxes.

The particular rescue carried out by the professionals of the Colorado Springs Fire Department was captured on camera, and it can be seen how the team took out eight puppies that were trapped in a drain.

The officers assumed that the babies were black Labradors, but when they were taken to the Pikes Peak Animal Welfare Society, they learned that they were small foxes. The young foxes were returned to the wild hoping that their mother would come looking for them.

We hope more people become aware of the importance of helping animals that are in danger. Only in this way we will have a better world.

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