Store clerk left to die on the floor while teenagers rob the cash register (video)

Last Saturday, a man and two teenage boys walked into a Shell station store on Auburn Way South, Washington. At one point, the store clerk had a heart attack while serving the 3 customers.

Instead of helping him or calling 911, the two teens robbed the clerk. It took 3 minutes before another customer came in and called for help.

On Saturday, just after 5:30 p.m. a man and two teenage boys went into a Shell station. Zarif Kelada, a local father of three was working alone at the time.

One of the teenagers took a pepperoni stick and began to eat it. He then grabbed the second one and handed to the other boy.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. When the man went to pay for an item, the clerk tried to charge him for the two pepperoni sticks and an argument ensued.

One of the boys gave Kelada $1 which made him upset and he went around the counter to confront the teens. After talking with them the clerk turned around to return to the other side of the counter but instead, he suddenly collapsed to the floor.

Store manager Angela Sharapova said "He was saying ‘This is wrong and you have to pay for it.’ And at this point, he stepped back to behind the counter and that’s when he collapsed."

All three customers chose not to call for help. The older man left the store while one of the teenage boys took the $1 bill back before they also left.

However, both boys returned a couple of times to steal cigarettes and take money from the cash register. They also ignored the unconscious clerk on the ground that had a heart attack.

Sharapova shared that the teens made off with $178 in cash. "Going in and out three times. While he’s on the floor in agony," the store manager said.

"It just blows my mind. It breaks our hearts," she added. "We can’t believe that this happened."

Three minutes passed before another customer arrived and discovered the clerk on the ground.

"He asked the people that were outside at the pump to call 911; he rushed back inside and started performing CPR on the (clerk)," Sharapova said. "I don't know who these people are, but they are the true angels."

Kelada was taken to an Auburn hospital where he is still alive but on life support. The store manager revealed that the clerk was fighting for his life at the hospital.

"It just breaks our hearts," Sharapova said. "He has three little children. He has a stay-at-home wife. We just pray to God that he makes it," she added.

On Monday, the Auburn WA Police Department took to Facebook to ask the public for assistance in identifying the two teenagers, as well as a man who was with them at the time of the incident.

Authorities also shared the store surveillance footage that showed the whole incident. Police later said they had identified all three customers who were captured on the store's surveillance video.

The man was later determined not to be associated with the two boys and the police are still seeking the teenagers. A GoFundMe account was set up by Kelada's co-worker to help the family of the clerk.

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