Toddler imitates daycare teacher praying and the tweet goes viral

The young boy became viral because of a strange habit he had been doing at home. His older sister soon realized that he was mimicking how his daycare teacher prays in his school. 

Just like any other children, this little boy had been imitating what the adults around him were doing.

As revealed on his sister’s Twitter post, he decided to copy how his daycare teacher prays at school.

Twitter user @kyliamerrell, the boy’s sister, took the time to share a video of her little brother in a praying position.

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One day, the sister and the rest of the family were puzzled when the young boy began taking a mat and laid on it now and then.

It was only until later when they figured out what he was doing.

The sister wrote on Twitter, "My brother has been doing this thing where he pulls a mat out of his diaper bag and lays on it like this and we couldn’t figure out what he was doing."

"A few of his teachers at daycare are Muslim and we realized he’s seen them pray and now he does it too so precious," she added.

Since the tweet was posted, many users all over the world gushed about the little boy.

The tweet has amassed over 113,000 retweets and counting and has been liked more than 519,000 times.

While some users found the act adorable, there were others who couldn’t help but say their sentiments about it.

One user named Ryan wrote, “The problem here is your [brother’s] teachers are teaching him their beliefs. Maybe not directly but indirectly as kids repeat and do what they see.”

The sister then responded by saying, “No one is teaching him anything. He observed other people he loves practicing their religious freedom and mimicked it. It really isn’t that deep.”

Despite the negative comments, the video is still a big hit all over the internet.

Meanwhile, this funny video of a little boy became viral as he tried to dive a pool but failed.

Supposedly, he saw the adult beside him doing it and tried to copy what she did.

Even though the boy failed, he still looked adorable and captured the hearts of many social media users all around the world.

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