Workman smashes car’s window with hammer as he couldn’t see 3 creatures inside hot car

The dogs had been abandoned in a vehicle with all the windows closed in the middle of a heat wave that affects the United Kingdom, and this compassionate man couldn’t take it.    

Witnesses said the dogs had been in the sun for more than two hours and the police were called to intervene, since it was the hottest day of the year, according to the Mirror.

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As a video shows, a crowd gathered around the vehicle demanding that the agents do something. They even put a sign on it that read: ‘Dogs die in hot cars! You have been reported to the police.’

The group of people waited for the parking ticket to run out, hoping for the owner to return to the car by then. At one point a worker decided to take matters into his own hands and used a mallet to break the glass and free the animals right on time.

The police had already answered the call and were reportedly on the scene, but the plan of the officer in charge was to wait for the owners before taking any measures.

When the man who had left the dogs in such terrible conditions returned to the parking spot to find his car window smashed, he had an angry exchange with the concerned crowd.

‘I will put my hand up and say we agreed to smash the window because it was necessary and I would do it again in a second,’ said Lisa Eastman, a colleague of the man who took the initiative and broke the window, whose identity remains unknown.

The incident took place in the city of Bristol on back in July, when the temperatures rose to 80 ºF (27 ºC), making it the hottest day of the year, amid the UK’s longest heatwave since 1976.

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