Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas and wife are still inseparable after 64 years of marriage

"Spartacus" actor Kirk Douglas and wife Anne Buydens prove that their love is still going quite strong by making a joint and rare public appearance in Beverly Hills, California.

The famous couple enjoyed the warmth of the sun with a stroll down the street under their carer's careful watch on Saturday, September 15, 2018.

As reported by the Mirror, the lovebirds seemed to be in a very good mood as if they were still in their honeymoon phase despite being married for the past 64 years.

Nowadays, it is very rare to see a relationship between two celebrities lasting longer than a couple of months or years, but Douglas and Buydens are one of the few exceptions. Follow us on our Twitter account @amomama_usa to learn more.


101-year-old Douglas and 99-year-old Buydens tied the knot back in 1954 and had two children together, Peter and Eric, but the actor also has Michael and Joel from a previous marriage.

Although Douglas was always seen as a 'bad boy,' Buydens has clearly learned how to handle him. During an interview with The Guardian, Douglas shared that his wife invited all the women he had slept with in Paris to their wedding.

Aside from loving his wife so dearly and being one of the last few actors from the Golden Era of Hollywood that is still alive, Douglas is a family man and doesn't miss a chance to spend some time with his relatives.


He was recently featured in a photo in which he appears interacting with his great-granddaughter, Lua Izzy, daughter to Cameron Douglas and Viviane Thibes.

The two can be seen playing with each other and they were clearly having a great time. Despite the massive difference in age, the two seem to get along just fine and love being in each other's company.

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